#microcephaly is it #Zika or #glyphosate or larvicide?

12.21: pol/healthcare/microcephaly/summary:
. Zika has been proposed by some usa officials
as the source of microcephaly birth defects;
but some doctors are pointing to pesticides.

10.16:  news.pol/healthcare/
anencephaly (including microcephaly) related to pesticides:
Pediatr. (Asunción) vol.34 no.2 2007:
Congenital malformations associated with pesticides
or Toxic Agricultural Chemicals
Benitez-Leite S1, Macchi ML1, Acosta M2.
Mothers involved in agricultural work during the period of acute risk (ARP)
experienced an increased risk of anencephalic children :
( OR = 4.58 (95% CI 1.05 to 19.96).
The results of this study support the hypothesis that
the effects of maternal exposure to agricultural works
relate to the neural tube closure and suggest that
parental exposure to pesticides on or before periconceptionally
can also increase the risk of having a child with anencephaly.
in the case of mothers, exposure periconceptionally
is the most important risk so that women working in agriculture
during the acute risk (three months before and one month after
the last menstrual period) are four times more likely
to have an anencephalic child
than women not exposed to agricultural work.
Those who work in agriculture before the period of acute risk,
show a much lower risk
[Lacasaña M, Vazquez-Grameix H, Borja-Aburto VH,
White-Munoz J, Romieu I, Aguilar-Garduño C, et al.
Maternal and paternal occupational exposure to
agricultural work and the risk of anencephaly.
Occup Environ Med 2006; 63:. 649-56.]

2.11: news.pol/healthcare/
Zika virus/confused with vaccine damage:
Jagannath Chatterjee:
So what changed in 2015? Why did 4,180 babies
come down with microcephaly in Brazil?
These were never associated with the Zika
since its discovery almost 70 years ago.
As Brazil started scrutinizing the 4180 cases
of microcephaly more surprises emerged.
Alerted by a circular to report cases of microcephaly
pediatricians in the country had clearly exceeded
their brief by reporting every child that appeared to have small skulls.
Having small skulls is not unusual in Brazil.
As on February 4th only 404 of those cases
were confirmed to be microcephaly.
Worse, the Zika virus was found in only 17 of them!
In other words, only 4.2% of microcephaly cases in Brazil
have been shown to have any connection to Zika.
That means 96% of microcephaly cases have no link to Zika.

2.13: co.naturalnews.com/pol/healthcare/
zika/microcephaly might be from roundup:
Zika virus is the new headline in our local media,
with impending world-wide plague proportions causing microcephaly
(small heads, brain impairment) in newborns,
with a sudden urgency to invent yet another "vaccine"
for a condition that takes about a week to recover from,
so it's an annoying infection but not life threatening at all.
These guys have had microcephaly in their sight since 2010
and a host of other birth defects as well:
To quote: "A previous study had indicated that
women exposed during pregnancy to herbicides
delivered offspring with congenital malformations,
including microcephaly, anencephaly (no head)
and cranial (head skeleton) malformations.".....
From what I have read, there are so far
404 cases of microcephaly in Brazil
that in 17 of those cases, overlaps with the Zika virus,
but any mention of an overlap with glyphosate poisoning
is left out of the equation.
Brazil is Monsanto's biggest customer.
 the real cause of microcephaly,
which has previously been blamed on genetics, drugs and alcohol
but never, ever glyphosate,
gmo mosquitoes increased zika?
I agree that gmo's are hell on earth;
but I don't think you showed gmo mosquitoes are a good example of that.
btw, other sources claim the birth defects are an on-going problem with roundup
so what's the theory? they killed a type of mosquito
that made more room for the type that holds zika?

4.16: news.pol/healthcare/microcephaly/
might be larvicide instead of zika:
Mike Adams, April 15, 2016:
CDC likely fabricating link between Zika virus and microcephaly cases;
admits people self-immunize against Zika
and that 'no single piece of evidence provides conclusive proof'
Many doctors in South America believe that microcephaly
is caused by a larvicide
and that the Zika virus scare is just a cover story.
As described in this Natural News article:
A group of doctors from South America are now saying
the brain deformations the world is witnessing
are caused by the mass fumigation of low-income Brazilian people
with a chemical larvicide, not by mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.
From the doctors at Red Universitaria de Ambiente y Salud
(the Red University of Environment and Health):
"A dramatic increase of congenital malformations,
especially microcephaly in newborns,
was detected and quickly linked to the Zika virus
by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.
However, they fail to recognise that in the area
where most sick persons live,
a chemical larvicide producing malformations in mosquitoes
has been applied for 18 months, and that this poison (pyroproxyfen)
is applied by the State on drinking water used by the affected population."
Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Villages.
gmo means massive herbicides.
12.21: larvicide refuted by snopes #savemonsanto.

2.13: news.pol/healthcare/vaccine/zika/
nextbigfuture.com`vaccine theories are wrong:
Rogerio Penna Thinker
David Kendrik brought forth some Conspiracy Theories
that are circulating around the web

1 - vaccination program (Tdap): conspiracy theorists
have as a link between microcephaly and Tdap
ONLY the timing.
However, they downright say the vaccination
was made mandatory in ALL of Brazil
but completely overlook the area of microcephaly cases
is mostly restricted to northeastern Brazil...
they completely overlook the fact
the same area is where Zika cases are being reported,
they completely overlook it´s an area with many dengue cases too,
they completely overlook the fact it´s a very warm area of Brazil,
while the states with less cases of
dengue, zika AND microcephaly
are colder southernmost states!

The 3 southernmost states in Brazil have 29 million people.
2 or 3 zika+microcephaly cases, all of them from women who travelled to the northeast.
São Paulo, Rio and Minas Gerais States have other 75 million people.
Also, very few zika and microcephaly cases.

Can any conspiracy theorist against vaccines explain why
Tdap is causing microcephaly ONLY in northeast Brazil,
specially Rio Grande do Norte and Pernambuco states,
if Tdap vaccination on pregnant women
is a NATIONWIDE program?
Why it´s spread follows a DISEASE pattern?

They also overlook the timing of Zika
arriving in Brazil soon after the World Cup.

Then they say "it can´t be related to zika virus, because
zika has been known for a long time
and it never caused microcephaly cases).

2 - Zika is known for a long time, but until 2007, verified cases were RARE.
An "outbreak" in polynesia in 2007 had only about 50 confirmed cases.
Say 50% of those cases were women. 25 women. Only half were pregnant. 12 women.
10% of babies got birth defects. A SINGLE CHILD with microcephaly.

this is a too low population! It didn´t alter statistics.
Thus, nobody made the link between zika and microcephaly.

in Brazil, the epidemy was HUGE in the northeast.
The only reason a link was made between zika virus and microcephaly
is exactly because, due to the big numbers of infected population,
a big number of babies in the northeast were born with microcephaly,
enough to completely change STATISTICS
and thus, prompt researchers to look for a reason for
the jump in the numbers
and then they found those women were infected with zika!

David Kendrick Thinker
Hi Rogero,
They are not conspiracy theories
any more than that broadcast by the MSM,
the Zika Virus up to this year has never caused
(or has been claimed to have caused)
the effects witnessed
and there is no medical proof the Zika virus is responsible
- only probable cause,
it will in fact be years before a significant study of those effected
can bring to light any probable cause at all.
Viruses by their very nature are almost impossible to detect,
rna replication for identification is so prone with statistical errors
that there is a very big margin for error in identification
and the mutation rate is so extremely high
that the Virus could have evolved into something else entirely
by the end of the study.

Simply going by classical diagnosis for Identification
this is no more Zika than the Ivory coast had Ebola,
which had also none of the classical symptoms
(only 1 in 4 ever show any)
- and was never properly identified as such.
You just have wild theories with agencies and companies
demanding vast sums to fix this sudden 'epidemic'
which has probably been endemic for decades in the region and kept secret.
Every birth defect will be Zika until the money runs out,
so far around 2500 infants are claimed to be affected.
The population of Latin America is approaching the 1 billion mark
and as such this is a very minor affliction compared to say
the 1 in 50 Infant Mortality rate in Brazil
and only in 2014 did Brazil score well in reducing child malnutrition.

Rogerio Penna Thinker
" the Zika Virus up to this year has never caused
(or has been claimed to have caused) the effects witnessed
Did you even read what I wrote? Statistically
there was no link because
BEFORE this day the largest zika outbreak
infected like 50 people in Polynesia. With such a large sample,
any Zika caused microcephaly would go UNNOTICED
because it wouln´t alter microcephaly statistics in the area!

" there is no medical proof the Zika virus is responsible
- only probable cause"

yes, no proof, but it´s a quite probable cause,
considering all factors. Again, read with attention my comments
about the area of the Zika outbreak
and the area of microcephaly anomalous statistics cases.
Also, they DID find Zika virus in the placenta of
some of the women who had microcephalic children,
indicating in the least that the virus can penetrate the placenta.

6.3: news.pol/healthcare/zika/
could microcephaly be from the larvicides?

6.16: news.pol/healthcare/
zika/not the source of microcephaly?:
Zika infection late in pregnancy may be not so risky
No apparent birth defects reported in study of
Colombian women infected in third trimester
New England Journal of Medicine June 15 2016
Zika Virus Disease in Colombia — Preliminary Report
In a group of 1,850 pregnant women reportedly
infected with the virus during the third trimester,
more than 90 percent have given birth to
babies without “apparent abnormalities”.
Anna Durbin,
an infectious diseases physician at
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health:
“What we really want to know is
what’s going to happen to women who were
infected in their first trimester”.
. A study last month estimated that the risk of
delivering a baby with microcephaly
after a first trimester Zika infection
could be up to 13 percent.

7.25: news.pol/healthcare/
microcephaly not necessarily from zika virus:
James Grundvig:
MIT Senior Research Scientist
Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.,
who conducts research at the MIT
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
In an email, Stephanie Seneff wrote:
“It is ridiculous that the only thing the research community
seems to be focused on with respect to the
microcephaly epidemic in NE Brazil is the Zika virus.
While the virus may be a factor in the epidemic,
there are many other potential factors
that deserve at least equal attention.
These include:
(1) “Simultaneous exposure to two herbicides
—glufosinate and glyphosate—
due to the recent introduction of GMO glufosinate-resistant soybeans
on top of the glyphosate-resistant soybeans
(glufosinate substitution for glutamine during protein synthesis
is a direct path to microcephaly
via disruption of asparagine synthase);
(2) “The addition of larvicides directly to the drinking water;