LOL "too Jewish" radio said alt news is fake news!

12.11: news.pol/purges/media/
LOL "too Jewish" radio said alt news is fake news!:
. I love to listen to Rabbi Sam Cohon
hosting "Too Jewish" radio in Tucson
because Israel and Jewish culture are important
for several reasons:
# most of the terrorists we are fighting now
are Islamic reactions against Israel's creation
which confiscated land from Islamic Palestinians;
and Israel's Zionism is genuine Judaism.
# you will never know the real Jesus (Yeshua)
without knowing more about Judaism.
. but today I was surprised to hear
"too Jewish" radio say alt news is fake news.

. the Rabbi on 12.11 was discussing the alt Right
and how it is often antisemitic
but he seemed to make a blanket statement
when he said "alt news is fake news";
this was funny because the alt right
has many conspiracy theorists who claim there is
too much Jewish influence in the mainstream media,
and here we have a Jewish mainstream media star
claiming that only the mainstream media is true.

. remember that in most dictator-lead nations
the democratic mainstream media is "alt news";
so how bad can alt news really be?
. you've heard and should believe:
"the winners of war write the history books"
and when has usa and its mainstream media
not been in a war against communists or terrorists?
. a corollary of that is:
"those in a war write the news:
military psychological operations
control mainstream media."

. an obvious example of that was the 9/11 news:
what you heard from the usa mainstream media
was contradicted by the obvious evidence
as documented in the book by Dr.Judy Wood:
"Where did the Towers go?"

. remember that alt news is any voice that is not mainstream;
so, obviously some alt news includes fake news
but also some alt news can be a military psyop
by the same deep state that controls mainstream news;
eg, some alt news blamed 9/11 on Israel
and that gave the 9/11 truth movement a black eye
by associating it with antisemitism
-- that is likely a case of one alt news source
creating fake news to ruin the reputation of
actually true alt news.

. not all alt news is false;
and, not all mainstream news is true;
moreover, it's quite likely that
some of the most fake alt news
is covertly generated by the same military psyop
that is generating much of the mainstream news.

Dr.Judy Wood`Where Did the Towers Go? 
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11