usa`nations sponsoring terrorism are #syria and #iran maybe not sudan

9.22: news.pol/purges/wwIII/usa`
nations sponsoring terrorism are #syria and #iran maybe not sudan:
. the move to consider taking Sudan off the list
of State_Sponsors_of_Terrorism,
would further focus on Iran and Syria
as the arch enemies of usa-Israel-NATO.
. Syria is an important naval base for Russia
only because the dictator of Syria allows it;
if the dictator were removed, Russia would lose.
. Iran and Syria are ruled by Shiites,
even though Syria is dominated by Sunnis,
hence the civil war in Syria, and a proxy war
between the usa-CIA and Russia.
"State Sponsors of Terrorism" is a designation applied by
the United States Department of State
to countries which the Department alleges to have
"repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism."
Inclusion on the list imposes strict unilateral sanctions.
The countries currently on the list are Iran, Sudan, and Syria.
Iraq was added to the list on December 29, 1979
and removed in 1982 to allow US companies to sell arms to it
while it was fighting Iran in the Iran–Iraq War.

AP AND TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF September 21, 2016:
Darfur has been gripped by bloodshed since 2003.
when rebels took up arms against
Sudan president Omar al-Bashir's government
accusing it of discrimination and neglect.
and al-Bashir responded with atrocities;
the International Criminal Court 2009
issued an arrest warrant for al-Bashir
for crimes against humanity and war crimes
and added genocide to the charges against him in 2010.
Sudan has in the past been a trans-shipment point
for suspected Iranian weapons transfers
to anti-Israel groups.
. there have been Sudanese efforts to
limit travel of Islamic State militants
as well as to align less with Iran
and more toward Saudi Arabia.
Since January, Israel has pressed the US to
adopt a more friendly relationship with Sudan.