D'Souza's #Obama america 2016 think again

9.9: web.pol/obama/2016:obama's america:
. D'Souza's 2016:_Obama's_America is a 2012 movie
warning of major changes to the usa
should Obama be elected to office;
because he is an anti-colonialist
so usa will stop being a global leader.
. nothing could be farther from the truth;
Obama knows that the weapons revealed on 9/11
dustifying the trade towers leaving only papers
are much more powerful than nukes.
. by Fall 2016 he will be "forced" into wwIII,
that will leave only one military standing,
and there's a good chance usa-NATO will win.
. with global domination in place,
the usa will implement global arms control,
which will save Israel from the nations of Islam
and bring world peace,
because nobody but usa allies can make weapons.
. usa will be supercolonialists!

. D'Souza's movie is based on his book
The Roots of Obama's Rage (2010):
The real Obama is a man shaped by experiences
far different from those of most Americans;
He is not motivated by the socialist or Marxist propaganda
that hypnotized a whole generation of
wooly–minded academics and condescending liberals;
What really motivates Barack Obama
is an anticolonialist rage against Western dominance,
and most especially against the wealth and power
of the very nation Barack Obama now leads.
In The Roots of Obama’s Rage you’ll learn:
Why Obama’s economic policies are actually
designed to make America poorer compared to
the rest of the world;
Why Obama will welcome a nuclear Iran;
Why Obama sees America as a rogue nation
—worse than North Korea;
The real reason Obama banished from the White House
a bust of Winston Churchill,
and ordered NASA to praise the
scientific contributions of Muslims;
Why Obama would like to make America’s
superpower status a thing of the past.

D’Souza argues that Obama in his second term
will finally launch the radical agenda
that his enemies have been expecting since 2008.
An impotent, bankrupt America
will lose its world supremacy
to a newly radicalized pan-Muslim confederation:
“the United States of Islam.”
Obama is a foreign-bred radical.
He’s embracing his father’s stale
Third World anticolonialism.

D'Souza made three predictions in his book.
1: Obama will not do anything to
stop Iran from getting their nuclear bombs;
[perhaps the #irandeal is unenforceable]
2: he will increase the deficit;
[he dropped the deficit by 2015]
3: he may cut the military and raise taxes.
[the democrat.party definitely wants to raise taxes,
but the repub's won't allow it.
as for cuts in military:
he promised to kill the wars around Iran,
(Iraq and Afghanistan)
and sequestration making cuts to the military
was the fault of congress not Obama.
. also, we can't know the funds given secretly
for the CIA and NSA -- likely increased.]
Obama's goal is to not have any nuclear weapons
even though no one else is reducing theirs.
[ Obama knows that the weapons revealed on 9/11
dustifying the trade towers leaving only papers
are much more powerful than nukes.]
D'Souza states:
Since the so-called 'Arab Spring' revolutions in 2012,
many countries in the Middle East are now run by
radical Islams forming the United States of Islam..
whom are hostile against the USA
and the rest of the non-Muslim world.

D'Souza's thesis is that Obama is governed by
strong anti-colonial beliefs.
Barack Obama is the most inscrutable President
in the history of the United States.
Elected in 2008 just two years out of being
an Illinois state Senator,
virtually nothing is known about his past.
[because he was a CIA asset? good reason.]
There are no explanations as to why both he and his wife
"voluntarily" surrendered their licenses to practice law.
-- an attorney doesn't go to law school for three years
and then study hard to pass the bar
and then just "voluntarily" surrender his license to practice law
unless the only alternative is disbarment.
So I went into this film thinking
I was going to hear more about these things
that have been very well publicized
even though ignored by the mainstream media.
To my surprise, none of these troubling matters
is mentioned in the film.

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