#911truther Predictive Programming in Independence_Day_(1996_film)

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Independence_Day_(1996_film) as Predictive Programming:
6.28: summary:
. everyone agrees that Predictive programming
entails media hinting at foreknowledge of
some catastrophes such as 9/11;
but they differ on why this is being done.
. I believe the point of hinting at foreknowledge
is to give you the idea that The Powers That Be
have control of the media, and everything else,
and there is nothing you can do to stop them:
9/11 was planned to motivate "the war on terror"
(an expensive war against anti-zionists).
. a prime example of Predictive Programming
is when aliens attack the world
in the 1996_film, Independence_Day,
and they show waves of things turning to dust
just as they mysteriously did on 9/11.
. aliens are synonymous with secret advanced technology;
and, 9/11 was done with secret advanced technology.

Elliot Gaines`Analysis: Independence Day
"The scene from Independence Day
depicts an attack from alien space ships.
The attack is timed and coordinated around the world,
but the film specifically features the destruction of
the Empire State Building, the White House,
and another prominent skyscraper in Los Angeles.
The Empire State Building is struck from above
by the aliens’ weapon blast that implodes the top stories
causing them to collapse the successive floors below.
With graphic detail from various visual perspectives,
this imaging is repeated with the White House
and the Los Angeles skyscraper.
The repetition and alternative points-of-view
constitute a visual parallel to the visual spectacle of
NBC News coverage of September 11th,
the World Trade Center collapsing, the Pentagon attack,
and the Pennsylvania plane crash."
"Explosions and fire sweep through a sequence of images.
Eerily quiet hissing and whistling sounds
suggesting that they are so loud
that they manifest as a deafening roar."
[ OR quiet as heard on 9/11 at the Trade Towers:
it looked like a controlled demolition
but it sounded much quieter than that
because it was dustified by secret beam weapons.
[Dr.Judy Wood 2005]]
[The American Journal of SEMIOTICS, 17:3 (Fall 2001) Pages 117-131.
Elliot Gaines, Wright State University]

Phillip D. Collins`sci-fi predictive programming:

"Intrinsic to the narrative characteristics of
[the 1996 movie] Independence Day
was a paradigmatic template that the elite
successfully imposed upon September 11th.
Promulgated vigorously by Establishment media organs,
Independence Day was instrumental in creating
a cultural milieu that would be hospitable to
future media manipulations.
By the time of the WTC attacks,
the collective subconscious of America was fertile with
memes (contagious ideas) planted by Independence Day."

"This memetic fertility is most effectively illustrated by
the comments of MSNBC reporter Ron Insana.
Insana witnessed the disintegration [dustification]
of the World Trade Center firsthand (Gaines 125).
In an interview with Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, and Tom Brokaw,
Insana vividly recounted his experience:
'... we were not terribly far from the
World Trade Center building, the south tower.
... the building began disintegrating.
... and honestly it was like a scene out of
Independence Day. ...' "
[Gaines, Elliot. “The Semiotics of Media Images From
Independence Day and September 11th 2001.”
The American Journal of Semiotics 17 (2001): 117-131.]

'Indeed, Insana’s intertextual reference
[mentioning 9/11 in the context of Independence Day]
helped establish the paradigm of “good against evil”
upon which the “War on Terrorism” would be premised.'

. 'Insana’s intertextual reference is product of
a larger semiotic deception.
This larger semiotic deception is part of a program
for cultural subversion known as
“sci-fi predictive programming,”
a term coined by researcher Michael Hoffman:'
“Predictive programming works by means of
the propagation of the illusion
of an infallibly accurate vision of
how the world is going to look in the future”.
[Hoffman, Michael. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: Independent History & Research, 2001.]

Alan Watt`predictive programming:
"Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy)
which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public."
"These same movies which are designed to
program the average person,
can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of
the workings and the plan of the world agenda.

rationalwiki.org`Predictive programming:
. a recurring element across many conspiracy theories.
The claim is that
when conspirators plan a false flag operation,
they hide references to it in the popular media
before the atrocity takes place.

. 'a conspiracy theory that the Illuminati*
who are engineering a New World Order
use media (tv shows and movies)
to give hints about their plans.
. One example can be found in an episode of The Simpsons
where Lisa holds a brochure for New York
which features a "9" right next to the twin towers which resemble a 11.
Many believe that this was a hint at the catastrophe
known as 9/11 before it actually happened.
. Conspiracy theorists have said that most examples of
predictive programming can be found in cartoons.
Examples of this are shows like Johnny Bravo
which predicted 9/11 months before it happened
and episodes of Family Guy which predicted
the Boston Bombings before they happened.'
*[ the illuminati are liberal globalists;
they believe in religious freedom,
thus they support zionism for Judaism,
and they know there is no peace without
a global government enforcing arms control
so they are engineering wwIII
in order to select a global leader.
. they are notorious for competing with
the christian globalists
(this is how they got linked with satanism).]

Mike Wood 2013`predictive programming:

. the March 2001 pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen
featured the attempted plane crash into Twin Towers,
to start an international war on terror;
a map in The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
had a location marked with "Sandy Hook"
(before the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook shooting);
and a Family Guy cartoon featured a Boston Marathon massacre
3 weeks before the actual 2013 bombing.
"According to predictive programming theorists,
these were all planted within the media in order to
prepare the public for these events
– events that were planned well in advance by
the Powers That Be."

"A major component of predictive programming theory
is the idea that if someone sees something
that they’ve seen depicted in fiction,
they react to it with resigned indifference
and maybe a half-hearted protest."
[because the conspiracy appears to be huge,
and there is nothing you can do about it.]

'... manage the impact of a particular event.
A good example of this is the various lists of
popular media “references” to 9/11 before the event
– depictions of the Twin Towers exploding, and so on.
One [2012] article discusses the idea that
[the movie] Independence Day
was in fact predictive programming for 9/11
– America having iconic buildings blown up by an alien enemy,
a heroic president who fights back with force of arms,
Will Smith flying a UFO, and so on.
As with the other examples above,
predictive programming prevented people from reacting to 9/11;
instead, they just accepted it as inevitable and moved on.'

Steve Johnson`Pre Predictive Programming:
"... Independence Day the movie.
It most certainly was utilised as a tool
for preparing the public for the 9-11 attacks
when studied as a conceptual movie in retrospect of the event."
Where Did the Towers Go? $46
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11 Judy Wood