omnity.io free search is very limited

2.13: news.web.cyb/net.omnity.io/contextual search:

. the free version of search at
seems to have access to very little content:
after a dozen searches I got directed to only 3 sources,
wikipedia, patents, and clinical trials.
. it's main feature is contextual search:
if you upload a file then it will find similar items.

. when I uploaded
it generated the search terms
( illuminati texts years english assembled )
it said the abstract was basically the whole pdf:
this was a one-page ad selling a book called
The Secret School of Wisdom: The Authentic Ritual and Doctrines of the Illuminati

. entering ("plasma cosmology" star creation)
brings up something different from
(plasma cosmology star creation)
but if you ask for keyword in context,
you can get "cosmology" instead of "plasma cosmology"
it wants to tell you that if you are interested in "plasma cosmology"
you will also be interested in the competing std cosmology,
and of course dark matter.

almost everything in the free version leads to wikipedia
(wwIII illuminati) turns up nothing
but (world war 3 illuminati) finds:

one way to upload a doc is to give an url in the search box?
well try it:
it's giving me a spinning a icon suggesting it's busy,
but if you upload by drag n drop it gives you a progress bar graph.
... the upload started at 8:15, by 9:20 it had stopped working;
so I entered a piece of the file:
both on-the-shelf and a recipe for making it yourself .

se-msc (Se-methylselenocysteine)
. by 2013 there are no trustworthy retail sources;
I no longer get good results from the lef.org product,
I get only limited response from VRP’s product;
and, other retailers have discontinued their products;
therefore, I’m prepared to grow my own
selenized garlic, onion, or brocolli
by feeding them sodium selenate .

wholesale sources:
Eburon-organics cas#26046-90-2
— Se-Methylseleno-L-cysteine factsheet
chemos.de CAS#26046-90-2
— ships from Germany … expensive?
Watson International Ltd CAS#26046-90-2
— non-food-grade means the impurities could be highly toxic?
SigmaAldrich . when asking for CAS#26046-90-2 they said
that was equivalent to CAS#863394-07-4 — that is the HCL version:
Se-(Methyl)selenocysteine hydrochloride
why is it stored at -20C ? short shelf-life?
— they claim cas#863394-07-4 is known for anti-cancer properties .

se-cysteine from garlic
{ gamma, γ }-glutamyl-Se-methyl-selenocysteine:
GarliSelect® 100caps * 100mg * 1000 ppm se (10mg se) / $8.99+$10shipping[2013.8.10]
— this product is old: replaced by “Selenoforce” .
GarliSelect® is a selenium-enriched garlic product
Patent No: US 7,014,874 B1 Date: 21 March, 2006
standardized to yield 1000 ppm selenium as
1340 ppm N-γ(L-Glutamyl)Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine
300 ppm Se-methyl-L-selenosysteine
125 ppm L-Selenomethionine
40 ppm N-γ(L-Glutamyl)L-selenomethionine
)-eo file
.... many hours later it is still searching.
next I tried
( Se-methylselenocysteine; N-γ(L-Glutamyl)L-selenomethionine )
and it gave me something besides wikipedia!
a patent at appft.uspto.gov:
Metabolomics-Based Identification of Disease-Causing Agents

then given just Se-methylselenocysteine;
it locates several clinical trials at clinicaltrials.gov:
Se-Methyl-Seleno-L-Cysteine or Selenomethionine in Preventing Prostate Cancer in Healthy Participants
Se-Methyl-Seleno-L- Cysteine (MSC) in Treating Healthy Patients
etc; it also points me at
  wiki's Office_of_Cancer_Complementary_and_Alternative_Medicine
which doesn't mention the keyword,
but it recognizes se-msc is an alternative medicine.