Islam's Sheikh Imran Hosein` scriptural ties between #Russia and #Islam

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scriptural ties between Russia and Islam:
. this is a transcript [and commentary] of the video
Sheikh Imran Hosein: Why End Time Will Be In 13 April 2016.
. he says there is evidence in the qur'an
that there will be an alliance between Islam (obviously Shia)
and Russia (because it is Orthodox Christian).
. Russia needs a naval base in Syria for
winter-time access to its ships and nuclear submarines
when the Russian ports are iced over
and the regime who gives him access is a Shia Muslim;
usa is trying to replace that regime with "democracy"
obviously Sunni Muslims who may not be so cooperative with Russia
after what Russia did to maintain power in Sunni Chechnya.
--. the video says nothing about April 13 (a Wednesday;
Jewish date 5 Nissan, 5776; Islam date: 5-6 Rajab, 1437)
Passover 2016 begins Friday, April 22;
IRS Tax Deadline is Monday, April 18;
Easter 2016 is March 27; Spring 2016 is March 20.
. WWIII happens by Fall 2016, but likely before then.
what else happened on April 13?
Henry V is crowned Holy Roman Emperor (1111)
-- the Roman empire never fell (bible prophesy);
Thomas Jefferson's birthday (1743)
--he drafted the Declaration of Independence;
Harvest day (Vaisakhi) for Sikhs
(northwestern India and northern Pakistan).
Spies to Jericho (1273 BC)
-- Two days before the end of mourning Moses,
Joshua dispatched two scouts to Jericho,
for their first conquest of the Holy Land.

. Russia is the strongest people who are adherents of
the eastern orthodox christianity.
Sheikh Imran Hosein is a Muslim
describing the scriptural foundations
for an alliance between Islam and orthodox christianity.

Sheikh Imran Hosein[with my comments]:
. he tells of a surah in the Quran
that sounds like "sura taroom"
I could find 2 that sound like that:
At-Tur aT-Toor "The Mount, Mount Sinai"
Ar-Rum ar-Room "The Romans, The Byzantines"
-- ar-Room is about:
( Predictions of the near victory of the Byzantines [over the Persians]
and the Battle of Badr (2 A.H.). (v. 1-7)
God’s ability to resurrect the dead at the end of time,
and the people’s ignorance of this.
[Asad 1980, Introduction to the Sura].
. he later clarifies that "Room" is
the "orthodox christian, Byzantine empire"
which had their capital in Constantinople;
"that was the name The Prophet used for that city
but the Zionist regime made use of that name illegal"
(he's calling Turkey part of the Zionist regime;
[ they are part of NATO the majority of which
are strong supporters of zionism
(a Jewish state controlling Israel).]

. in Western (vs Eastern) christianity,
only santa claus is allowed to grow a beard
(santa is flying all the weapons to ISIS)
[ISIS who are Sunni Muslims who are being fed by
Syrian rebels who are being fed by usa (santa).
Hosein wants to bring Shia and Sunni together;
so, he disagrees with ISIS because they are
declaring that Shia are not true Muslims.]

. the 2nd notable thing about Western Christianity
"washington, london, paris"
is that in Eastern christianity
it is still haram (illegal) to have homosexual marriage.

. the qur'an speaks positively about Eastern Orthodox christianity
and says when they are victorious, Islam would be celebrating it.

. what is the basis of this alliance now?
is it just because Islam celebrated their victory 1400 years ago?

. the qur'an starts with methodology for studying qur'an:
read the whole thing and make it all speak as one.
. when taking a single verse in isolation
christianity sees it as proof of a "fallen angel";
but Islam doesn't believe in falling angels.
. angels must obey the god
[if it says an entity didn't obey, it wasn't an angel
sounds like he then said "oblees was jinn";
"oblees" is likely spelled Iblīs (Islam's devil)
. jinn and angels are both supernatural creatures.]
. see the qur'an's 72nd sura, Sūrat al-Jinn.

. the point is that if you study the whole qur'an
rather than literally interpret an isolated verse
then you see how isolated verses
are not literally true but a guide to finding truth.

. with that in mind, one verse says Muslims should not
build alliances with christians or Jews;
but does it refer to all of them?
because another verse says Islam celebrated
when the Eastern Orthodox christians were victorious.
[ looking back on what he just said,
if the 2 superpowers are both christian
but they differ on an issue important to Islam
such as homosexual marriage, and beard growing,
then if those 2 superpowers are fighting
Muslims should want to make sure the winner is
the one that is more like their own religion.]

. the qur'an can be interpreted to mean that
Muslims should not form alliances with
those Jews and those christians
who form alliances with one another.
[ this would be a reference to
Islam's main modern enemy:
the alliance between Western christianity
and those (true) Jews that support zionism
which entails a conversion of Israel/Palestine
from an Islamic to a Jewish state.]

. after what the christians said of the Jews
(accused them of murdering the literal
only son of the only god)
it seems quite unlikely that they would form an alliance,
but the qur'an predicts it and says
do not be a part of this alliance.

. as proof of the zionist influence
he points out that the police commissioner
who was investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack
(supposedly Islamists demanding respect)
reportedly committed suicide,
[ fueling suspicion that some form of a cover-up is underway
and suggesting that it was a false-flag attack
done by Westerners as an excuse to attack Islam]

. the zionist christians created the United Nations
and the International Monetary Fund
with an utterly bogus and haram monetary system
(he is angry that his fellow Muslims have been part of that)
based on paper, and plastic, and electronic money
in place of money which is in the qur'an and sunnah
-- Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham --
and which Russia is to now take if it is to save itself:
the Russian currency will have to be backed by gold
otherwise Russia is going down the drain.

. his interpretation of the qur'an also sees
a grand alliance of hatred against Islam
between zionist Jews and pro-zionist Hindus (of India)
even though there is a strong economic alliance
between India and Russia (as part of BRICS).
. the qur'an is interpreted to mean that
in that time when there is greatest hatred for Islam
(by zionist Jews and Hindus and Westerners)
you will find that those who are closest to you
will be a people who claim to be christian;
so which christians will it be?
Room (Russia's Eastern Orthodox christians)?
or Santa Claus (the Western christians
who are with the zionists who hate Islam)?

. another way the qur'an points at Russia as ally of Islam
is that it said the allied christians will support monastism
which is declining in the West;
but is still preserved in Eastern Orthodox christianity.
. "monasticism has been central to the Orthodox Church,
both in Byzantium and in Russia." [ Kritika 2009]]

[wasn't Russia the home of godless communism?]
. "what the Jews did in Russia
was to seek to stab Russia in the back
in 1917 with the Bolshevik revolution;
it was a Jewish revolution,
and then from that came communism
-- godless, atheistic communism;
and the soviet union for the next 60 or 70 years
did everything they could
to destroy the spiritual heart of Russia:
Orthodox christianity (Room).
. the soviet union was a zionist plant."
[. while it is true that Jews have been valuable assets
in both regime security and regime changes,
as royalty sought the help of outsiders to control mobs
[Benjamin Ginsberg 1999]
communism was popular among Russians in 1917
because it was presented as democracy
(the Russian Social Democratic Party),
whereas the religious royalty were seen as losing wars
and making a mess of the economy.
. part of the royalties power was coming from
being supported by the religious leaders;
so obviously if you are overthrowing the royalty
you can't trust the religion that backs them up;
so the revolutionaries would trust only non-christians
and Jewish people are some of the world's most
talented and locally available non-christians.

[ communism was democracy was popular:
. the Russian Civil War broke out in 1918
shortly after the revolution,
The war was fought mainly between the Red and White Armies:
. the "Reds" consisted of the uprising majority of Russians
led by the Bolshevik minority [the majority faction of the
Russian Social Democratic Party,
which was renamed the Communist Party
after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917]
. the "Whites" were "bourgeoisie"[the capitalist class
who own most of society's wealth and means of production]
and political groups ranging from the far Right
to the Socialist Revolutionaries who opposed the
drastic restructuring championed by the Bolsheviks
following the collapse of the Provisional Government
to the soviets (under clear Bolshevik dominance).
The Whites had backing from nations such as
Great Britain, France, USA and Japan,
while the Reds possessed internal support
(that means popularity among the native Russians)
which proved to be much more effective.]

. the heart of the other christianity in the vatican ...
[he seems to confuse catholic vs liberal christianity:
he insinuates Catholics believe in gay marriage,
but that ruling comes from liberals not the vatican.]

[Dajjal (the false messiah) is in the details:]

Russia being Orthodox christian (Room)
means Russia is seen as an ally of Islam;
thanks to the Ottoman empire (Turkey)
-- the "jaws"[Dajjal?] Ottoman empire --
the people of Room[Russia]
have the greatest hatred for Muslims today
because the [Islamic] Ottoman empire
waged bogus jihad [holy war] on them for 500 years;
and, when [Room, Russia] lost,
they would not only have to pay tribute
[the tax for being non-muslim]
but they'd have to hand over a certain number of christian boys
who would then be "shamefully and disgracefully"
[forcefully] converted to Islam
-- despite the qur'an saying there's no compulsion
[judeochristians would not be forced to convert
as long as they paid tribute tax.]
. then these converts would be used for
fighting against their own people.

. so it seems unlikely that there would be
an alliance between Russia and Islam
but if the god's qur'an says it will happen
Muslims can only be sure that it will.

. he has taught about Islamic eschatology,
[the study of the end times]
and the Russians who were listening to him
remarked how similar it is to christian's eschatology
[ suggesting that the god is giving the same plans
to both sides of the world's leading competing
global domination cults.]

. does the qur'an allow a military alliance
between Russia and Muslims?
the chapter on that topic (verse 72..74) says
there will be much trouble without alliances;
alliances should start from within,
with peace between Sunni and Shia factions.
. he points out that wars among Sunni and Shia
are much fueled by usa's Santa Claus
-- because civil war is what Dajjal wants.
but there should also be alliances with non-muslims,
and the qur'an had good things to say about Orthodox christianity,
and the most influential nation practicing that religion
is Russia, whether Muslims like it or not.

. to bring Sunni and Shia together,
Sunni must stop saying Shia are not true Muslims
but also Shia should admit the qur'an doesn't say
that the leadership must be blood relations of The Prophet.
. if it is not in the qur'an[quotes of the god's messenger],
then you cannot build it from the hadith
[quotes of The Prophet]
and you cannot use that to divide the house of Islam.

. it's important to build your theories on the qur'an
because not all of the hadith is authentic;
the parts that have no basis in the qur'an
may have been fabricated.