#privacy not the purpose of #Qubes

2.17: co.cyb/sec/qubes/privacy not the purpose of qubes,
[3.1: intro:
. the Qubes project provides sure isolation
with a hardening of the hypervisor Xen;
you can have several virtual machines (vm) at once
and can safely run a web browser in one vm
knowing it will not infect your other vm's .]

Peter Chin Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 6:06 AM
Re: [qubes-devel] Digest for qubes-devel@googlegroups.com
This entire project is a total useless waste of time.
Please do due diligence in your research
about all threat levels that actually exist:
The very first compilers that were
created for the design of computers
were already compromised by the time they were used to
compile code for designing even rudimentary computers
meaning that without a doubt there is already in existence
super-God root passwords built into
every level of firmware and software
at every level of OS across ALL platforms
since the compilers used to design all computer systems
were compromised at the most basic root level
- The original 3rd compilers onwards
(Have you ever Google searched for PROMIS software
[ eg, sociopoliticaciencia . ]
- A computer program that is so classified that
almost no one has ever heard about it -
It was used recently by the MOSSAD to
infiltrate and compromise the bank accounts of some
high ranking Arab billionaire enemies of Israel
which you've no doubt glimpsed in the news media
 about a year ago)
On September of 2012 the NSA's new massive
ultra-classified super quantum AI computing complex in Utah
which will analyze all their data-mining traffic
including all their data from ECHELON
dating back to it’s inception officially went online
meaning our privacy is now also officially KAPUT!!! 
cprise Feb 8:
Attributing super-powers to adversaries
(or hubristic 'protectors') is always a dead-end.
The 'gubmit'[backwater accent of "government"]
isn't all dat... and no, Virginia,
they're not controlling the weather with HHARP either
me Feb 17:
> our privacy is now also officially KAPUT!!! 
. the reason I'm interested in Qubes
is that a malicious pdf ate my mac/vmware .
. qubes may not offer privacy,
but it will let me browse the internet
without a loss of system stability .