net tripping

1.1: proj.addn/net.facebook.com/updating your privacy settings:
[not sure about how this turned out;
alarmed that there was no way give just friends my b'day;
must have been that I gave a false one]
Here are your new settings:
Everyone can see:
* About me
* Education and Work
Friends of Friends can see:
* Photos and Videos of Me
* Birthday
* Religious and Political Views
Your custom settings were preserved for:
... [other things] .

1.6: mis.addn/net.blogger.com/publish fails:
. tried to blog failed,
ok after got all pages to save to draft,
then got all drafts published later .

1.18: mis.addn/net/linked to unpublished knol:
. sent knol link to many
only to find later it was not yet published
-- may do well with general rule of
test important links in strange browser
before sending them .

1.19: sci.addn/net.twitter.com/lists:
. co.dev#feabhas has twitter? twitter has new feature"lists?
my acct is on lists? 4:

1.24: proj.addn/net.blogger.com/profile`interests updated:
. be careful with the commas,
because the keywords help people find other bloggers
with similar interests .
* software engineering
* preventive health
* isotonics (weightlifting without gear)
* hormonics (hormonally balancing nutrition)
* productivity enhancement
* velomobile
* human-powered cars
* recumbent
* tadpole
* trikes
. removed some paren's since many others are interested in
trikes and recumbents .

1.26: web.addn/net.marilynvossavant.com:
. her diet seems ho-hum,
but she's got a perfect hdl/ldl .
. she has a discussion board where people are
ranked {scholar, intellectual, thinker};
there is discussion of big bang,
but she was not part of it .
. her articles (which include the comment on big bang)
are at parade.com
google site:parade.com/askmarilyn/2009/
but the googles go further back than 2009
when addressed that way, if at all .