home invasions avoided

1.13: web.care/home invasions avoided:
Home invaders will typically try to use a
harmless child needs help-ploy
to get the unsuspecting resident to open the door,
upon which they will force their way in.
Most home invaders are armed,
and carry restraining utilities,
such as ropes and duct tape.
. you could get a CCTV monitoring system;
but rule number one remains:
if you do not recognize the person(s) at the door,
do not answer it, esp'ly during the hours that
most home invasions occur: 6pm ... 6am.
. instead, speed-dial 911 immediately
or run to your safe room and 911 from there .
. don't trust you'll be safe cooperating
as a ride to your ATM machine
will likely cost you your life too .
. see tips on fortifying your home,
and your doors in particular .