Judgement day started 1999.9.11 #wwIII

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/Judgement day started 1999.9.11:
"According to Hebrew Scriptures
September 11, 1999 was the
6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, ..."
-- Uri Geller
according to a typical Hebrew calendar reading,
1999.9.11 is 5760 Tishrei 1;
meaning it is 5760 years from Adam's creation;
the magic number 6000 comes up here:
. in the Talmud the Jewish Sages concluded that
there would be six millenniums of turmoil,
to be followed by a millennium of peace;
based on the pattern set by the week of Creation
when God labored six days and rested the seventh.
. the age of peace would be after 6000 years
from the age of the creation or the birth of Adam;
the combined old and new testaments reveal
2038 years from the creation of Adam to the birth of Abraham;
1946 years from Abraham birth through the end of BC period;
for a total of 3984 from Adam’s Creation to year 1.
6000 - 3984 = 2016.
. when do 6000 years from Adam’s Creation elapse?
October 3, 2016, the Feast of Trumpets.
that corresponds to Tishri 1, 5777 in the Hebrew calendar.
". on that date, according to the Jewish Rabbis,
exactly 5776 years passed from the creation of Adam."
". it is very important to find all the discrepancies
between our timeline which says that on October 3, 2016,
6000 years would pass since the creation of Adam
and the Hebrew calendar which says that on that day,
only 5776 years would pass since the creation of Adam."
". the Jewish Sages purposely stated an
incorrect chronology of Daniel 9
in order to prevent people from using the passage to
accurately predict the time when the Messiah would come."
"Jewish Rabbis came to the conclusion that Terah was
70 year old when his son Abraham was born?
This is absolutely incorrect.
Terah was 130 years old when Abraham was born."
"the Jewish Rabbis did not include Cainan
in the list of Patriarchs [because]
Cainan was not mentioned in Genesis,
[but] he was mentioned by Luke in Luke 3:35-36."
"Acts 7:4 clarified Genesis 11:26."

interesting details of Judgement 1999.9.11:

. the Jubilee is the year after a 7th shmitah;
and every 7th year is a shmitah;
the purpose of the Jubilee (Leviticus 25:10)
was to have land returned to the original owners.

Shemittah Year Prophecy Found in the Tanach:
Rosh HaShanah September 11, 1999
The Day that Everything Changes
the final judgment of the nations begins.
2. On Rosh HaShanah in the first Shmitah year
following the day that everything changes
[Fall 2000 - 2001.9.17 -- includes 9/11]
a war cycle will begin.
3. The war cycle will continue through a Shmitah year
[beyond Fall 2014 - Fall 2015]
At the end of the War Cycle it will be
the year of Messiah ben David the King Messiah

Israel victories in Jubilee years:

Jubilee Fall 1917 - Fall 1918:
1917.11.2 Balfour Declaration.
1917.12.30. the Ottoman Turks lost Jerusalem.

Jubilee Fall 1966 - Fall 1967:
1967.6.10, Israel wins Six-Day War;
-- Jerusalem no longer a no-man's land.

Jubilee 5776 (Fall 2015 - Fall 2016):
. Israel owns the Temple mount
and in 5777 (Fall 2016 - Fall 2017)
can start building the 3rd Temple.
-- Jubilees are preceded by a Shemitah year
year 5775 was (Fall 2014 Fall 2015).

the real significance of September 11, 1999:

1999.9.4-16 Russia's 9/11
 and the rise of Putin vs Sunni Islam:
. the secessionist Chechen authorities claimed that
the 1999 bombings were a false flag attack
coordinated by the FSB in order to win public support for
a new full-scale war in Chechnya
( predominantly Shafi'i Madhhab of Sunni Islam )
which boosted popularity of Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister and former FSB Director
and brought the pro-war Unity Party to the State Duma
and Putin to the presidency within a few months.

etpv.org`judgment of the nations:
It is interesting that September 11, 1999,
had been anticipated by rabbis for 400 years.
This date marked the beginning of
the judgment of the nations.
Billye Brim ... visited with Ariel Sharon
during those days in September, 1999,
and he read Ezekiel 36 in her presence.
He said "This is being fulfilled this day."
. 2000.6.10 Hafaz al Assad, the ruler of Syria died;
Assad died on Pentecost, (Shavuot)
--and, perhaps, even more telling--
on the 33rd anniversary of the day that he
lost the Golan to Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967.

Ezekiel 36:
7 For this cause the Lord has said,
See, I have taken an oath that the nations
which are round about you are themselves to undergo
the shame which they have put on you.
8 But you, O mountains of Israel,
will put out your branches and give your fruit
to my people Israel; for they are ready to come.
9 For truly I am for you, and I will be turned to you,
and you will be ploughed and planted:
10 And I will let your numbers be increased,
all the children of Israel, even all of them:
and the towns will be peopled
and the waste places will have buildings;
11 Man and beast will be increased in you,
and they will have offspring and be fertile:
I will make you thickly peopled as you were before,
and will do more for you than at the first:
and you will be certain that I am the Lord.