consolidated elections nov 3 2015 #Tucson city, #Pima county, AZ #vote

10.17: proj.gov/vote/consolidated elections nov 3 2015 Tucson city, Pima county, AZ:
prop 201: no
. should we stop replacing police with red light or speed cameras?
we should make sure cameras are used fairly, not abolished
because police have better things to do.
. anyone who is angry about automated law enforcement
thinks the laws are unnecessary,
and needs to get the laws changed,
or is thinking police are overlooking them
(enforcing the law only for certain types or races),
or is worried that the automated tickets are unfair;
eg, one problem is when entering an intersection
and then getting stopped by a pedestrian
so that you are still in the intersection when the light is red,
and bad judges aren't forgiving your case;
so, the solution is to get good judges,
not abolish automated law enforcement.

Proposition 403: yes
- A proposal referred by Mayor and Council,
to amend the Tucson City Charter
to provide for equal voting rights for the Mayor
on matters on which the Council votes;
and including the Mayor in the calculation of
the quorum for Mayor and Council meetings.
(see p. 2 of Ordinance No. 11283)
. the current council agreed on
sharing council power with the mayor,
likely future councils will feel the same.

Proposition 404: no
- A proposal referred by Mayor and Council,
to amend the Tucson City Charter
to provide for uniform method of appointment and removal
of City Department Directors;
and eliminating civil service rights from those officers.
(see p. 6 of Ordinance No. 11283)
. salaries of employees no longer depend upon
the civil service rules and reg's,
but only on the manager as confined by mayor and council.
. ad's said highly compensated managers can handle this,
but they don't say why they are against
civil service rules and reg's.

Proposition 405: no
- A proposed amendment to the Tucson City Charter
recommended by the Citizen’s Commission on
Public Service and Compensation
to increase the salary of the Mayor
from $3,500 to $4,030 per month;
and increase the Council Member salaries
from $2,000 to $2,288 per month.
(see p. 2 of Ordinance No. 11294)
. we are into a deflationary depression,
why should we increase salaries?

TRRG`rationale for salary increase:
. Last salary increase was in 1999
Since 1999, Tucson’s population has grown nearly 7%
Since 1999, the city budget has grown by more than 44%
Since 1999, inflation has been 37.5%
[Tucson Residents for Responsive Government (TRRG)].

the bonds sorted by importance:
# must have:
Proposition 425 Road and Highway Improvements
Proposition 426
Economic Development, Libraries and Workforce Training

(includes pedestrian and cyclist safety features)
Proposition 429
Public Health, Welfare, Safety, Neighborhoods and Housing

Proposition 431 Flood Control and Drainage
# optional (abstain):
Proposition 427 Tourism Promotion
Proposition 428 Parks and Recreation
Proposition 430 Natural Area Conservation and Historic Preservation

Tucson Mayor trivia:
. blogforarizona.net pointed out
the Tucson mayor is not running unopposed;
you can write-in Joshua Jude Chesser.
. his youtube uploads include
"You Are Beautiful ( Christina Aguilera )";
(featuring a stream of amazingly unique people)
and, he congratulated Netanyahu as Prime Minister.
(anyone hoping for a 2-state solution in Israel,
has been disappointed with Netanyahu;
but, hey, why just half-way conquer the Holy land?
the Messiah builds the 3rd Temple.