#Judaism The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering)

7.3: news.relig/judaism/The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering):
. just as the Israelites built wealth in Egypt,
the current exile has spread Jewish talent
into all the world
in order to build far more wealth
than what could be had from
being confined to the Promised land .
. there will be the final war by Fall 2016
that determines the global leader,
and under that leadership,
the Jewish people will take full control of Israel,
and build the 3rd Temple .

Dov Yonah Korn:
. although exile is suffering,
it is a gift with which we can grow from .
. the Talmud says the Jewish people
left Egypt with great wealth,
so the exile was good for them .
[indeed they left with far greater numbers
than they may have generated in the Promised land;
there were 603,550 who could go to war [num 1:46]
and after the 1st generation died out,
there were 601,730 [num 26:51]
to do the conquering of the Promised land;
how did they then support those numbers
for 40 years in the desert ?
just manna (bread from heaven) [exodus 16:35].
. the latest exile has lasted so long;
and, the way has been most severe;
redemption [ regaining possession of
the Promised land and the graces of the god
in exchange for clearing a debt]
happens only in the messianic era,
when the 3rd temple is built .
. the core of exile is redemption;
the exiled must look forward to the messiah,
when the exile will be over .
. kabbalah says that the god
in order to create a world of autonomy
had to exile himself from his creation;
the god wanted a lower world without the light,
where light should come from the darkness;
[where people victimized by lawlessness,
would rise up to enforce humane laws]
the god wanted us to be able to embrace evil
that we might be able to overcome it thoroughly
[by proving to ourselves that it doesn't work]
. when the Jewish people went into exile
the god went into exile:
[there has been no protection from the god];
the goal of separation from the god
is to build a deeper bond .