anti-fertility vaccines

2.1: web.pol/gemini/anti-fertility vaccines:
. what were some saying about
vaccines as a method of depopulation ?
how was that supposed to work?!
there have been some half-baked attempts
to finger vaccines as immune damaging,
but there is also talk of "anti-fertility vaccines"
designed to cause infertility,
as a safer, cheaper form of contraception .

Rockefeller-funded anti-fertility vaccine:
"Instead of giving individual women more options
to prevent pregnancy and protect against AIDs
and sexually transmitted diseases,
the anti-fertility vaccine is designed to be
easily administered to large numbers of women
using the least resources.
If administered to illiterate populations
the issues of user control and informed consent
are further cause for concern."
-- Sonya Ghosh

rockefellerfoundation.org 1988:
"India’s National Institute of Immunology
successfully completed in 1988
the first phase of trials with three versions of
an anti-fertility vaccine for women.
Sponsored by the government of India
and supported by the Foundation,
the trials established that with each of the tested vaccines,
at least one year of protection against pregnancy
could be expected, based on the levels of
antibodies formed in response to the immunization schedule."
. another theory for how vaccines can depopulate
is by weakening the immune system .
jon rappoport:
"Do you want to know the primary medical weapon
that can, in fact, sneak in under the radar
of the immune system? It’s vaccines.
Because they are injected directly into the body,
they bypass a number of normal layers of
the body’s immune-defense system.
They get into the bloodstream.
Some of them cross the blood-brain barrier."
--. but he offers no evidence for the idea that
vaccines can undermine the immune system .
. one good point he did have was that
modern changes are hurting people
and part of that hurt includes immune suppression
due to malnutrition,
and stress due to overpopulation .

. the only conspiracy I see
is that modern people are being misfed,
and then they are being medically treated for that
at great cost to society
and great profit to the medical industry .
. usa prides itself as having the best
medical treatment; and, it is one of the
most profitable industries usa offers .
. if gmo's and unregulated foods capitalism
was indeed sickening people
it would only mean more profits for the
medical industry .
. the problem is more sugar, trans fats,
and refined polyunsaturated oils,
not vaccines .

. not that everything in vaccines is good;
see List_of_vaccine_ingredients;
but there are far worse choices we are making
than opting for vaccines .