#Jesus can heal the Sunni-Shia divide #Islam

1.29: relig/islam/Jesus can heal the Sunni-Shia divide:
. the Shia and Sunni fight over how their leader is chosen;
that is just like the Jewish vs Samaritan fight
over which mountain the Temple should be at;
Jesus transcended that fight by saying
worship in your heart not in a temple .
. likewise,
Muslims should transcend the Shia vs Sunni choice
by deciding Islam doesn't need a supreme leader;
all that is needed by a global religion
is to share the same scriptures
and listen to the consensus of our local elders
about how to follow the spirit of the law .
. the reason Islam needed a central authority
is that they were a military organization,
but another way to promote their religion
is by offering social security and local policing .