thisamericanlife.org`animal sacrifice during wwII

3.22: relig/judaism/thisamericanlife.org`animal sacrifice during wwII:
. in thisamericanlife's interpretation of the bible,
the god is portrayed as declaring
the perfect form of worship is animal sacrifice;
the Bible's god preferred sacrificing some of one's produce;
ie, it was like a tax paid with barter;
and animals were seen as better than grains,
simply because grains are not as nutritious
(you never hear the bible say
"man cannot live by meat alone" ! ).]
. then we are informed that during wwII
people's pets were donated for military purposes
which turned out to be mostly for suicide missions
wearing explosive vests .
. it was an interesting coincidence
that wwII was designed to create Israel
(as a home for Judaism to sacrifice animals),
and then pet dogs were sacrificed during that war .
. we forget amidst all this talk of religious war
that the religions that seem to cause war
are actually a form of protection from war;
ie, instead of religions causing the wars,
the anticipation of war is causing the religions
as a way to spiritually prepare for the wars .